Thursday, October 21, 2010

Toronto Fashion Week madness

     When Toronto Fashion Week comes along, it seems that everyone talks not about the collections but about the drama following the FW! Last year there were petitions going on ' Feed the Models'.
     This season, at first some agencies got together and said that they won't let their models work for free. This was a great move, allowing models from tehse agencies to make some money this season, actually!
Drama continued on with one of the model's fainting yesterday backstage at the shows.
Lets see what else will happen in the next two days. But, just to mention, in case you wonder, models got some food this season, thanks to FDCC, designers and other contributors, but it is not enough, still.

Now, to the collections. Unfortunately, some great designers aren't showing this season, such as David Dixon and Lucian Matis. Also some designers started off showing their collections before the official schedule of the FW.
Now, i am not a part of FW this season, and di didn't have a chance to see the shows live. However, i thought it was interesteing that this year the week opened up with Holt Renfrew featuring some of its great designers. Also, one of the most anticipating collectiosn for me every season, Pink Tartan, surprised me thsi time. In a good way. Great bright colours, cool shapes, and fedoras! A sure must have next SS 2011!


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