Saturday, October 30, 2010

Paris Day 6

Today I had only one casting, however it took a few hours. My apartment-mate, Nastya, and me arrived to the agency before the casting to get some things done. However, once you get to the agency, time flies by very fast. So, we talked to our bookers, had a coffee, talked to the director of the agency, got the details for the casting. After, my booker showed me the pictures from the test that I did a couple of days ago. We decided on the ones we liked, discussed a few things and realized that Nastya and me were late for the casting already. Oops! However, we were told to go anyways.
So, we arrived a little late and saw a huge line up. The girls have been sitting there for hours waiting. The casting was for Rewanta hair tools and it was for a TV commercial. The client wanted to see a lot of girls, so the girls from small and big agencies were there. While waiting in line I saw a girl, whose name is Caitlin, who is also with Elite in Toronto! It was so great to see her, because our agency wrote us yesterday that we were both in town and we emailed each other in the morning and wanted to catch up on the weekend. And here she was! Caitlin is placed in Paris with Crystals agency, the agency I was supposed to work with at first, however things changed and I went with City. Caitlin is a very nice girl and I was fortunate enough to work with her in Toronto and it was great meeting her here again!
Anyways, we have been waiting in line for more than an hour, at first, sitting outside later in the room. What I noticed in the waiting room was the comp cards of the models hanging on the wall by the mirror. It is very common to see comp cards of different models sitting somewhere at the client’s studio, however this was more special. The reason was that there were composites hanging there of such great models as Natasha Poly, Caroline Trestiny, and some others! Pretty cool, I thought!
There were a lot of gorgeous girls at the castings. Many Russians, as always, a few Canadians and some other girls form different countries. When I was called in to the actual room, where the casting was happening, I was asked what question I would prefer to be spoken to. I chose English, because I would understand what they would say in French, I was a little scared to try. Then, I was told what to do. I had to introduce myself, then back to the camera, shake my hair, lift it up and down, then turn ¾ and play with my eyes with the camera. All this was being filmed. After I did this section, the woman who was filming the presentation, asked me to put on a turtle neck sweater and take it off on camera, then touch my hair from top to the bottom and then look at the camera. It was fun! Afterwards, she asked me to show my portfolio on camera, as well, which I thought was weird. But I guess they wanted to remember each girl in details. This was a very long casting! Hopefully, successful!
After that, Nastya and I decided to go to St Germaine district. We went into the little streets, found a cute café, sat down outside under those hitting lamps, ordered wine, fondue and stayed there for almost two hours eating and drinking! It was fun to have such a long dinner, great conversation, and amazing food and watch people passing by.
On the weekend we wanted to go to the Disney Land, but Nastya has a test on Saturday and I have a test on Sunday, so we will have to stay in the city. But I am sure we will find some other time to go and ride roller coasters, for now, building portfolio! J

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