Sunday, October 3, 2010

models do eat!

You know, there is this myth that models do not eat and are all anorexic. Well there are certain stereotypes about the image of a model, and dthis is one of them. Whenever someone asks me if i diet, i always get irritated, because i would never starve myself, and if i had problems with gaining weight, i would just hit the gym hard, no dieting, no starvation! So, here are some pictures of me travelling around the world for modeling, working with the models who are also very very thin, but guess what it is genetics or it is their hard work at the gym, but no starvation. We love our food too much :)

Taiwan, model's dinner
after our trip to 7/11 in the middle of the night
cooking dinner in the kitchen in Taiwan
in the village in Taiwan
more models dinners, Taiwan
pancakes at night
buing bread and pasteries

Thailand, street food-lunch
beautiful seafood dinner

Miami dinner

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