Wednesday, October 13, 2010

model's moment

I wanted to start a new feature, little inetrviews with models. I thought it would be fun and interesting!
Here is the first model,  Leigh. She is a gorgeous girl, very caring, helpful, fun and real!

K: What agency are you with?
L: Elite, Toronto.

K: How did you start modeling?
L:I was scouted shopping on Queen St. in Toronto, and was asked to come to New York to meet with agencies. I signed with Elite NY and came home and signed with Elite Toronto.
K:What is you favourite place you ever traveled to for modeling?
L:So hard to pick one! Morocco was an amazing experience, but I would have to say Tokyo for so many reasons. And there are also so many places I have yet to go to.
K: What is the hardest thing in modeling world?
L: The hardest thing would have to be always being depicted as perfect. It's like if I don't have a manicure the world is coming to an end!

K:What stereotypes about modeling you hate to hear from people?
L: I hate hearing the obvious, that model's have issues with food. And I also don't enjoy the big-ego having stereotype.

K: What is your best modleing moment?
L:Every time I have an experience I would otherwise not have or a chance to go to a country I wouldn't go if I wasn't in this industry is a best moment for me.

K:Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
L: In 5 years, I really have no idea. I have yet to plan that far ahead haha. Hopefully I get around to that in the next couple years. As long as I'm happy that's good enough for me, and preferably living somewhere where it's warm allll year round.

Thank you, Leigh!!!!


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