Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paris, Day 3

I am still struggling with the internet… This city just does not want to make internet working for me. I can either check whatever I need at the agency, or catch wifi at home, but it disappears every 2 minutes… or find by chance a café with wifi, but there isn’t many of them here… even Starbucks wifi is weird! Or, today I found an internet café, but their you can’t use your own computer and the place is not very pleasant.
In terms of modeling it is slow for me at the moment, because i have to develop my portfolio so my book is more “Paris”…I can't wait to start running around to the castings.
Today, I decided to go to Monmartre and enjoy Paris from the top! I forgot why I love Monmartre, but I was reminded why, today. When you come out from the metro, you see Moulin Rouge and then you have to walk all the way to the top of the hill, through these cute tiny streets with a bunch of cute shops! After, you come out to a little square where all the Parisian artists are gathered and they are selling these beautiful paintings there, there is cafes all around the square, and looooads of tourists, which didn’t bother me. From there you go around the corner and this breathtaking view of Paris opens up in front of you, and you turn around and there is Sacre Coeur. I checked it out inside, took few pictures of the panorama and then sat down on the stairs of the Church. From there I was watching people, enjoying the sunshine, listening to the musicians and taking pictures. Then, an old man started playing ‘ Belle’ from Notre Dame de Paris musical on the violin. It was so beautiful! Afterwards he played ‘Kalinka-Malinka’, some other French songs and waltz. I was getting hungry, but I didn’t want to leave the place. So, I decided to go quickly grab a glass of wine and a crepe! I brought it all back to the stairs of Sacre Coeur and continued watching the street performances and listening to beautiful music, while enjoying the sun and the view.
It was such a beautiful day! And I am coming back to Monmartre again this visit. Together with St Gemain these are my favourite spots in Paris.

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  1. i remember my first trip to paris. my luggage got lost and i came into the agency and everyone was smoking and surrounded me and looked at me up and down. i left that day and started crying haha. later i discovered paris is no place to work unless you are an established model (sad because it's so beautiful) i got maybe 2 jobs. there were so many girls there that there was no way of standing out. the city made the trip so much better though. its so beautiful and full of life. and i LOVE french people. i love your Montmarte story, it was my favorite place of all. <3