Friday, May 6, 2011

New home page for you

Back in November i met someone in Paris and had a long conversation re new fashion ideas. That person told me: " Start something like an encyclopedia of fashion, online fashion database". I did not take this idea seriously, but now there is something similar to that.  The idea that person gave me is still relevant, since Vogue covers mostly its own world, big brands, celebrities, models and photographers.
Are you tired of using Wikipedia? Are you interested in the world of Vogue and fashion? May be should become your new home page?


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Montreal bound

Last weekend we went for a little trip with our France of Canada! This is the closest i will get to Paris in the nearest future. We are blessed that Montreal is only a few hours away from Toronto by car.
We had an amazing time. It was sunny, perfect weather: warm and breezy.

fish tailes

first night out, cute building, eh?

my new vintage it!

found this beautiful cafe with a hidden patio/garden, live jazz all day!

so much character in old Montreal

loving the sun!

Ksenia's amazing shoes!love them!

with Ksenia, a bday girl. I am wearing a blue vintage dress, she is wearing BCBG dress and crazy shoes :)

with my love. rocking this blue vintage dress. i wasn't sure about it at first but now totally in love with it!

don't know what to do with this photo, but just love it!

so much texture! beautiful

love the window. Old Montreal