Tuesday, October 19, 2010


      May i say 'Thank God', i am not doing Toronto Fashion Week this season? No-no, nothing against our Canadian designers... but my schedule this week is just insane!

It is constant rush rush rush... and when i just thought that today i would study all day long, the agency called me and told to go to the fitting asap. Yes, friday night, instead of packing my bags and chilling home with my love, i am doing Dolce and Gabanna show in Spoke's club!

I have 2 exams in 1 day and i am not even close to being ready.. and when i am trying to sit down and open the book, another email, another phone call and my studying is at the end of the list again.
 I also got to remember my french, because i will definitley need it. I guess, i will have to take the notes and dictionary with me on the plane.... because? I am off to PARIS on Saturday!!!!

Oui, les rêves deviennent réalité!
A demain!



  1. This is fantastic!! I am yet to fall in love with Paris, since i am always there on some weird circumstances, so I will be honest it is NOT my favourite city in the world at the moment, but I can see how it can be if you are in the Fashion Business professionally:))) Lately i've been wanting to go there more and more:))
    In other words, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Senichka, I got goosebumps all over after reading last sentence of your post. So happy for you! Enjoy Paris! You rock!

  3. spasibo spasibo, devochki)) yes, yet another adventure! v etot raz ya provedu tam vremya ne kak turist, a kak gitel' etogo prekrasnogo goroda)))

    Svetochka, u menya mnogo lubimih gorodov, haha)))

    Luse4kin! ya tebe skoro pozvonu!