Monday, October 25, 2010

Paris, Day 2

It was a beautiful sunny day, today! I went to meet my agency and get further directions from them. The agency is located near Chams Elysee and is so spacious and so beautiful! Just a lot of big rooms, very tall ceilings and beautiful, to die for crown moldings on the ceiling everywhere! Everyone was extremely nice. We went to get a French phone for me and another girl, Martha, and a metro pass. Walked to Champs Elysee, saw Arc de Triumph, passed by Lauduree, but I didn’t have time to get my macaroonsJ It’s ok, may be tomorrow? Afterwards, we went back to the agency, I got my portfolio organized for Paris. They also told me that I would have to develop my book here. So, I went to meet the photographer, who was Canadian, with who I might be shooting a beauty creative. The place where he was at was next to Eiffel Tower, so I went to visit Her J Took, a few photos and walked towards La Place des Invalides, it is so so beautiful there!  The architecture in this city is just blowing me away slowly. Such cute buildings, both inside and outside! After that, I was hoping to sit down at some café, have lunch and read a French magazine. At least try to read it. So, I sat down at the café on the corner of some little street outside. It was beautiful since I could see a bit of the Eiffel Tower, a bunch of people walking by and it was heated from the top. Plus they had free wifi, which was great because the internet in the apartment almost does not work, which is a pity, because I really really need it. And this city is crazy, because you can’t just buy internet, all the networks are locked and they don’t even have wifi almost anywhere L So, I ate there quickly while talking on skype with my grandma, and went to another casting with a Milano agency.
Today I felt simply stupid at least 20 times! Why? No, not because I was trying to speak French and couldn’t understand what Parisians were saying. Because I travelled a lot around the city, and every time I would come out from the ‘metro’, I would get lost. First, every metro stop has a bunch of exits on different streets. Second, when you finally get outside, although I have a map and I can see where to go, I never know if I have to right or left. And today I chose right over left every time it was supposed to be the opposite, and vice versa…
Tomorrow I am going to the agency in the morning to take some polaroids and then off to the castings. Today I realized that when going to the castings you simply don’t have time to eat or anything, and you definitely don’t have time to see the city because you always on the ‘go-go-go’.
By the way, I love the fact that French man wear scarves, it is just so much more stylish! However, I am disappointed with French women so far… where is the sense of style and desire to look beautiful?...

one of the agency rooms

gorgeous ceiling

with Her

Les Invalides

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