Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paris, Day 4

Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. This is what I kept telling myself the whole day and by 2 pm what felt like 9 pm because I was so tired I actually both believed and felt it.
Have you ever done 2 castings and 3 test shoots/creatives in one day? All in different ends of Paris! And it is normal. Quite honestly, I ended up doing only 2 tests and 2 castings today. For the 3rd test I was simply late by more than an hour! It is all because there is no wi-fi in this city and I can’t google where I have to go exactly. So I got off at the wrong metro station and had to walk walk walk because  I didn’t know how soon the place I need would be. I made it but more than an hous later and I could not stop apologizing, because I have never been that late! The photographer was kind enough to give me some water and told me to go and not be late anywhere else, then called the agency and rescheduled the test. And I thanked him and promised to not be late to him again.
So, I arrived to my next casting and next creative on time. But this second test finished at 4:30 pm and I had to be at the next creative at 5 pm on the other end of Paris. Of coarse, I was late, but not that drastically. In fact the last creative was really cool. Very simple make up and hair. Very beautiful lighting, fun make up artist and fun photographer, who almost did not speak English, so we tried to practice his English and my French. J We were shooting in the studio but for one shot he brought me outside on the terrace, topless. Yes, I don’t have to mention how cold it was (+10 C). But it was so worth it because we got a shot with Paris and Eiffel Tower in the background!!!
When I was late to the first creative today and I looked at the map and realized that I would have to travel A LOT today, I almost wanted to start crying and just wanted to tell everyone off. I was so extremely hungry, sleepy, thirsty, tired. I simply had no time to stop by a café and buy a baguette and a bottle of water! Forget sitting down somewhere and enjoying myself. I decided the following, regardless of how many baguettes, macaroons and crepes I eat here, I will never ever gain weight in Paris!
Oh, yes, about me wanting to cry. I just told myself ‘Isn’t this what you wanted? Didn’t you ask the agency to make you busy and wanted to do castings, tests, jobs?’ “So, Shut up, and smile!”. And so I did. This is true, this is what I wanted, this is what I got, and I am very lucky to be where I am. And these thoughts made me realize that I am becoming stronger and stronger.
view on Paris from Sacre Coeur

Eiffel Tower from Sacre Coeur


Sacre Ceour

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