Friday, October 22, 2010


I just came back from D&G show that we did in Spokes Club in Toronto to finish off Fashion Week.
Unlike other times, this show started on time and was just very quick and nice. Oteh rtimes that i did shows in Spokes Club, they were good and fun, but we would always start late. SO, this was a nice surprise!

Tony Chaar Salon experts did our beautiful curly, sexy hair. Makeup Forever worked on our faces and creted fresh nice make up. Beautiful clothing. Sexy models, actually girls and guys together! The show was great!

Here are some photos, didn't have time to take more...
hair touch ups

in our 1st looks, well i am actually wearing my jacket on top

Tony going crazy with the hair

with a Russian beuaty, Serafima

in our finali looks

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