Thursday, October 7, 2010

Paris Fashion Week Review Vol.1

Oui Oui, Paris!
Paul and Joe: It was refreshing to see the models walk in flats. The collection itself is very 70’s, lots of patterns, lots of belts and colour. Even though there is not many new pieces that we see in this collection, they are all wearable. If you own a few pieces from Paul Joe next season, you are set for spring summer 2011!

It was Jean Paul Gautier’s last collection for Hermes and it was beyond beautiful with actual alive horses standing on the catwalk. At some points a little too costumy, but hey, Jean Paul Gautier was celebrating the end of his decade with Hermes. He clearly created an image of a powerful woman with the bold lines, leather, hats, and masculine silhouettes.  

Regarding Louis Vuitton I had a lot of mixed feelings. See it for yourself. The collection is clearly inspired by Asian culture; it is very dramatic, and dark although colorful. Lots of sheer and see through dresses, a mix of sleek and bold silhouettes. So much print, so many models on the catwalk at the same time, it was too much for my eye.

Bow down to Elie Saab. Genius. I love it! A lot of dresses, tailored jackets, and pastel and other romantic colours make this a perfect spring/summer collection. I want to wear all those dresses!


Alexander McQueen. Even though the Genius is gone (sadly), his spirit is so alive! This collection was incredible with so many precise details, it’s unbelievable!


Valentino offered a very feminine collection full of frills and ruffles. Some pieces came out to be a little bit mysterious thanks to its off white color pallet. All the pieces seem to be so sot and light, I am simply blown away!


If Chanel did not come up with amazing models and great idea for the runway, I would not even bother mentioning it here. Honestly speaking, I did not like the collection at all. However, the cast of the models was awesome, with about 80 girls walking the ‘runway’ that was built to imitate the Tuilieries Gardens with a  fountain in the middle and all that to the live music of about 80 musicians.

Chloe’s collection was very minimalistic with beautiful colours and beautiful fabrics. In some cases very romantic, and others very simple and sexless.

John Galliano presented a very interesting collection full of theatre and drama, of course. Each look was so detailed, so much thought put in it, it is very complete and very significant. And if you take away all the make up, wigs and crazy layering, it turns out to be very wearable!

Celine showed a lot of soft and relaxed pieces in bold silhouettes, brown, navy and white colours and in geometric shapes. The collection itself seemed to be very cohesive, modern and natural.


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