Monday, October 3, 2011

Hey, guys!
Now i relocated to

Now it is my new fashion blog: news, trends, tips, interviews, editorials.
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Friday, May 6, 2011

New home page for you

Back in November i met someone in Paris and had a long conversation re new fashion ideas. That person told me: " Start something like an encyclopedia of fashion, online fashion database". I did not take this idea seriously, but now there is something similar to that.  The idea that person gave me is still relevant, since Vogue covers mostly its own world, big brands, celebrities, models and photographers.
Are you tired of using Wikipedia? Are you interested in the world of Vogue and fashion? May be should become your new home page?


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Montreal bound

Last weekend we went for a little trip with our France of Canada! This is the closest i will get to Paris in the nearest future. We are blessed that Montreal is only a few hours away from Toronto by car.
We had an amazing time. It was sunny, perfect weather: warm and breezy.

fish tailes

first night out, cute building, eh?

my new vintage it!

found this beautiful cafe with a hidden patio/garden, live jazz all day!

so much character in old Montreal

loving the sun!

Ksenia's amazing shoes!love them!

with Ksenia, a bday girl. I am wearing a blue vintage dress, she is wearing BCBG dress and crazy shoes :)

with my love. rocking this blue vintage dress. i wasn't sure about it at first but now totally in love with it!

don't know what to do with this photo, but just love it!

so much texture! beautiful

love the window. Old Montreal

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Color them crazy

Yesterday i spent at least 20 minutes near the 'nail polish' section in Shoppers Drug Mart trying to figure out what colour i can get that would be new and cool. After 20 minutes of looking and opening up the bottles, my nails started looking like a rainbow and i realized that it would be better to come home, see which colours im missinging in my collection and come back with a clear mind. What a smart decision by me!
Today i opened up a box where i keep a bunch of colourful bottles, and realized that really, i don't need any new 'migrants' in my collection :) I don't like metallics, i don't like boring colors, except a few beiges that i have as it's a must, the collection is full of life and fun tones.

I put away the colours that seem to be moody and winterish since its spring time and hopefully summer is not far away and decided that these are the nail polish that will be my close friends in the next few months.

P.S. honestly speaking, orange and yellow are my close friends throughout the whole year, not just the summer, especially on my toes... what can i say, my mind works this way "if i see sunny tones, my mood bar goes to a 100%".

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wedding dresses i like:

like i promised in yesterday's post, here are a few wedding dresses that i like, it doesn't mean that i would necessarily choose one of them to wear for my wedding or anything else, just liking them ;)
All of them by Ellie Saab, amazging!!

and an unconventional choice ;)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

Did you catch the Royal Wedding Fever yet? Well, thumbs up if you didn't yet, cause now its hours away and the whole world is talking about it " The Wedding of the Century".
Now that Kate Middleton is becoming a fahsion icon with ehr minimalistic and super elegant style, everyone is wondering who is designing her wedding dress? One thing is certain, it will be a British designer. But wat will the dress look like? Designers around the world created so many dresses that they would make for Kate if they were chosen for this role. Now, since the wedding is so grand and the ceremony will be taking place in Westminster Abbey with over 900 guests, i do believe that it will be very dramatic but minimalistic, modern, beaded and elegant. It got to be a STATEMENT DRESS! But why guessing, let's just wait and see on April 29, 2011!

And in teh next post you'll see a few wedding dresses that i like ;) Not for Kate, not for myself, i JUST like them.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

+20 in TO

i pretty much tweeted eveyrthing i'll say here today, but gotta summarize it, right?

in Toronto it's +20 for a change (don't get too excited, cause the weather channel is saying it will be raining and +12-+15 the whole week...*sigh*
but on a positive note, Yorkville today was all dressed up and stylish, that is pretty much the only TO area where you can find ppl caring about what they are wearing... but i wasn't there, all my friends were busy, my fiance decided to go for a beer with boys and i was left alone... but i aint a fool to be sitting at home on such gorgeous day, so i dressed up, and went for a walk by myself, ended up on a Starbucks patio, got a caramel machiato, a magazine and! forgot my earphones thats why i just put the music on my phone and was sitting there enjoying myself.
note #1. only in North America: once ithits +20, ppl wear flip-flops and t-shirts... where is the slow transition from winter to summer?
note #2. if you feel like dressing up and being stylish, do it, who cares that you are the only one out there who looks like that?
note #3. ppl in TO are boring, i swear: flip flops, sports pants, oversized t-shirts...rrr

being inspired by the weather i went bohemian chic: long black chiffon skirt, jean jacket, yellow shoes and purse and minimum make up just with red lips... no pics yet, lost my camera (extremely upset!) so here are little sneak pics:

Friday, April 22, 2011

unique and outrageous

            Beautiful, scandalous, unique and outrageous- Kate Moss, on the cover of Vogue Paris once again. Such a powerful shot, stunning Kate in Armani Prive and everyone wants her and Armani Prive, well, obviously!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cute or Creepy?

Vogue Enfants... do we really need one? Or Vogue is just trying to capitalize on its name?

I am all for children being models, as long as it stays cute, real and does not take over their childhood, well obviously, it should come together with certain rights, rates, and not enforced by parents.
But look at Vogue Enfants. DO you think these kids look cute?

or creepy?

                                      I mean, come on, there is a fine border line between the two!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

vintage weekend

Last weekend, Halyna and me went vintage shopping, got a few greta things for aaaaahmazing prices :) and look what we saw!

Love love love this bag!wish i could travel with this , but hoooow?:))
And these huge mittens, they were soooo cute and beautiful! What do you think, can we start a new trend??