Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chanel Couture

I am sorry that i did not finish writing about Haute Couture collections in Paris that took place in January. I won't focus on them much anymore, but i did want to share my thoughts re Chanel, the most anticipated collection for me in this one. Although Mr Lagerfeld did not go crazy, his collection for Chanel was beyond gorgeous. And even though one might say that it is not Couture enough, i disagree, Couture does not have to be too crazy. The details are amazing, so much thought put into making each piece, so many hours of work.
here you are, guys, a few pieces that i absolutely loved

gorgeous jacket, sequinced leggings. this piece is a definition of Chanel

how elegant and stunning is this dress? look at the beading!

skirt over pants... back?

love this one too! colour, length, elegance!

each model looked like a dancer, and thos shoes are adorable as well. i also have a soft spot for long skirts and dresses ;)

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