Monday, February 21, 2011


When i hear that i can't do runway because i am too short it drives me insane. Especially when i see girl shorter than me doing the shows...we don't have to go too far away, Kate Moss did the shows too, but hey of coarse i am not Kate Moss and they actually DO care about my height...
so, the secret? the secret is te be VERY different and to be an IT girl, to create a BUZZ and then the fashion industry does not leave you alone. Bien sure! If one big fashion house wants that girl, then there must be something about her and everyone has to book her.
Oh, sorry for a long introduction, but it is somehow related to the runway.
What i actually wanted to talk about is the new IT girl, the girl who DID create a BUZZ, and she is an IMG Model, and her name is Charlotte Free (dont you just love the last name?). And because she has been seen everywhere now and EVERYONE has been talking about her, it is worth saying the following thing. Remember, there was a time of those 90's beautiful glamazonian models with curves, proper gorgeous features, then we saw an era of 'coked out' looking girls, later the dool-like features became a trend, and lately we  have seen more and more alien looking girls-the weirder the better. So, is Charlotte Free creating a new trend? Her 5'7, (i actually heard she is 5'6) does not bother the designers, her pink hair is actually not getting re-coloured. Keep an eye on Ms Free  because she is definitely a rebel, and remember who else was like that?!


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