Friday, February 18, 2011

when fashion week comes to NYC 3.0

Although not a very revolutionary collection with its simple and lean silhouettes, it is very wearable. Loving their cocktail dresses, shades of brown, and pale green. But don’tyou think, Halston should step up its game?

Marc Jacobs:
First of all, I loved the runway: blue and sparkly… Secondly, I hate those head pieces, although I do have to admit that they complete the look. It is a beautiful dreamy collection, with lots going on, especially the amount of polka dots. As we can see, sheer tops are in and 40’s silouhettes, too. And Marc Jacob’s woman this season is definitely not very revealing, no cleavage period. Btw, those skirts made out of ‘huge polka dots’, they are cool! Oh, and a fellow Elite Toronto model is rocking it in NY and Marc Jacobs, congrats, Frances! (pic.2)




Marc by Mac Jacobs:
Marc Jacobs is amazing, really, this collection is so different from his signature Marc Jacobs collection. It is very 70’s, and chill, very fall colours and very cool.  Socks with wedges are a must.

Vera Wang:
Feminine rock&roll is what defines this show. Vera Wang worked with such strong actors as leather and so chic and light chiffon at the same time. Oh, and it is pleated dresses and skirts and shirts again. Yey! As for the leather gloves, I understand that their purpose was to make the dresses more rock, but I really don’t get them…

Herve Leger by Max Azria:
Hevre Leger’s traditional bandage dress gets more edgy this season with the use of leather jackets and boots. It seems like its all about calm, nude colours as well. Take a look at the details on the dresses, they are gorgeous.

Michael Kors:
For Michael Kors this show was special as the label was celebrating a 30 years anniversary. The show was opened by a couple of gorgeous models, a leading girl and a boy with super high cheek bones following her. It is a simple collection, wearable and very Michael Kors J 70’s are staying with us and a new accessory is proposed- it’s a  metal piece that goes on your neck. A beautiful cast of the models; and I want to own every single piece from the collection!

Anna Sui:
It is certainly a breath of fresh air when models smile strutting down that runway! And why not, when you are walking for Anna Sui, who does it again with prints, colours and cuteness of each look. Although there is much going on in each look, everything is very wearable, especially if you are as playful as Anna Sui’s woman. Aren’t those prints just beautiful? And pay special attention at the cat hat!

Oscar De La Renta:
Such a luxurious collection, so chic and inspiring! Loving the fur hats (those used to be very popular in Russia, worn by every woman), and the long dresses are gorgeous, too! Oh, and the prints used in the collection are so psychedelic, but hey, they make the outfits even more interesting!
I thought that it was a bit Chanel though, especially the tweed jacket in black and white.