Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stylish New York City

Fashion Week is not only about new fashion decisions on the runway, but it is the time when you might witness the craziest outfits. Every one who is involved in this business carefully chooses their outfits because they know they will be photographed a lot and discussed a lot as well.
So, after some web surfing i found a few great pics that show some of the outfits i really like, or some details about them. Pics are from other blogs, mostly from jakandjil, styleandthecity and thesartorialist.
Enjoy and get inspired!
so simple but so good

oh, a jacket to die for!

hiding behind the shades:loving the coat, fur, purce, lips


glamourous even when it's cold!

perfection: hat, lips, coat

yes, long skirts all the way-stylish, chic and bohemian

trench with sleeves rolled up and the gloves...did she just come off the runway?amazing!

white is so refreshing

Karlie is adorable

boots and scarf!

the flare and the stripes

dark shades and leopard

sheer bottom- a new take on short skirts during a long skirt trend

fur and long skirt again, bohemian all the way!

Olivia strike sit again, perfect!

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