Thursday, February 17, 2011

when fashion week comes to NYC 2.0

Elegant collection featured beautiful pieces with what it seems like it had an Asian influence on it. It included grays, violet, lavender, nave and orange hues and some metallic colours, of coarse! I also love those long skirts with a high slit in the front. Sexy!

Victoria Beckham
It is very interesting that collection that was organized by colour in such way that it started  with dark pink, bright orange, yellow going into black and grey. The collection itself seems to be a bit boring, although simplicity is certainly beautiful and the silhouettes of the pieces are amazing!



Max Azria
Presented a dark collection with moels wearing sleek hair back, and notes of 90’s basic an minilamlistic fashion in its outfits. Overall very wearable, very street look, very comfy but cool.Btw, instea of camel we have another hue of brown, like leather mocha brown? Love it!

Diane von Furstenberg
White and black and colourful collection (btw blue is totally in!)  with draped dresses and skirts, below the knee boots, cool hats, hair back, deep red lips… superb, I’d  love to say…oh, yeah, I forgot the signature prints. Enjoy!

Tommy Hilfiger
Well, 70’s flare is still in, dark grey seems to be a new black, tailored suites and trenches… It’s a cool girl vs a laid back woman…oh and of coarse hats again and minimal make up ;)

Carolina Herrera
Although a bit mature, loving every little bit of the collection: voluminous silhouettes,  orange and blue and dark grey, and fur accents and feminine looks!

Custo Barcelona:
Custo Custo… always delivers something extraordinary! Although one might say that it is too much, these looks are out of this world! And those prints and details! Ah!

Donna Karan:
Bronzed eyeshadow, pink lips, updo- this is the woman of Donna Karan of Fall Winter 2011-2012, sophisticated and sexy at the same time. Plus draping  chiffon as a headpiece an d as a part of the tops… Oh, I also love the grey in all shades and a touch of fur for the new season!


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