Friday, November 5, 2010

Today I had a very cool test. It starte doff weird, wit crazy make up and hair and continued on with cool editorial, great styling, beautiful light and amazing photographer! Here are some photos that I like, but are not final choices of the photographer.


Afterwards, our booker invited us to a party. Only me and my flat mate, Nastya. We did not know where we were going, but just in case we brought a bottle of champagne. It turned out to be a party organized by one guy who does organizes this evening only 2-3 times a year with the it people of Paris. So, lots of stylists, designers, photographers, celebrities and many other people attend this guest list event. We came in without knowing what it was and when we got inside we realize that it was very fancy. The party’s location was next to Champs Elysee, next to L’Arc de Triumph, in the apartment building! The place was huge! I don’t know how you can design such big places for living, especially after you live in NA, you start appreciating the space much more! This was a party and a dinner together, so we ate some good food that lacked spices, but wasn’t bad at all, regardless! Then, we started just talking to people while many many more of them were arriving. Someone told us that everyone would love to be at this party so we were lucky. As expected, after some food and much more Champaign, everyone started dancing. Although everyone was dressed casually nice, some people were over the top, and Nastya and me notice a girl who had a very long sparkly pink gown, which turned out to be  Tara Reid from American Pie. Later, we heard that we got to meet an old partner of John Galliano, who was definitely inspired by his previous job, although now he was working on his own ligne. Then I turned around and I felt like I knew the person standing next to me. Yes, of coarse, that was Jude Law J Unexpected, eh? That’s what I thought. We talked, he was cute and funny, but looked different from what you would like him to be. This was a very cool night. We also got to hang out with Ellen Von Unwerth and some other interesting people. I am so so grateful for being here in paris right now!
Sorry, no pictures from the party. J

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