Tuesday, November 9, 2010

castings time!

 Tomorrow i have ‎7 castings, half outside paris, in opposite ends of the city. To get to them i have to take not only metro but bus too must be used for some... All must be done in 5 hours...AMAZING RACE PARIS here i come :) (oh, and it's also cold and raining!) So, tell me now that the life of a model is easy and glamorous!:) lol.... terrified how i will do it tomorrow... but isn't it what i was asking for?:) So, i am staying positive!

Meanwhile, i photo that was taken in Disneyland in Paris... i was walking by some house in the park that had a door that said 'Casting Agency. It takes people to make their dreams a reality'... :)) How cute is that?



  1. you have a great look!
    good luck with all your castings.


  2. Ksenchik, Ni puha ni pera with all your castings, it must be so hard to keep going door to door, ti takaia molodets!!! Anyway - jelau tebe tam vseh pokorit svoei krasotoi, uverena ti uje pokorila!!! a ia s udovolstviem budu chitat tvoi blog:)))