Thursday, November 11, 2010

Le festival de l’extreme Burning Man

         Today at the shoot I was looking at Paris Vogue (Issue November 2010) and on the cover with beautiful Natasha Poly I saw a headline “Le festival de l’extreme Burning Man”. I rushed into opening the page where there was article dedicated to this amazing festival! The author was the guy who was sent to the desert in Nevada to experience it in August and he was also the one who took all the pictures published there next to the article. His impression about the festival was amazing. He is saying that he was not excited about going there, because he is not into this kind of stuff. However, he was pleasantly surprised with what he got to see and go through there. He describes the event very beautifully and recommends everyone to go to Burning Man! He finishes the article with a quotation from Iran that says: “ You may not be always in comfort, but it would always be an experience”, referring to the amazing time he had at the festival. Here are the photos and article from Vogue:

         The reason why I was so excited is that my fiancé and me also went to this festival this past August, for the first time, and we also had an amazing experience! And I realize that the photos in Vogue were the ones from this year’s event. I looked for myself and my fiancé and my friends, but we weren’t in them. However, I thought, if I were  to find myself in those pictures, how cool would that be? I would be able to say “I was in Vogue, Paris!” Oh, well, next time and for another article or editorial ;) For now, here are a few pictures from our trip:
Burning Man last day

art car


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