Tuesday, November 2, 2010

modeling in Paris

Today I was woken up with good news from the agency. Got a job and will be working on Thursday and Monday!
I just went to 2 castings during the day. One of the castings was a go see with a magazine that I very important. It is called ‘Your Beauty’ but in French. This magazine is great if you want to do beauty campaigns. Most of the girls that shot with this magazine later got great beauty campaigns/ jobs. So, it was just a go see and let’s see what it will result in.
Tomorrow I have another two important castings, one is with Marie Claire France, and the other one is for something else, some billboard, but I am not sure what it is yet.
Remember, I mentioned that on that crazy test shoot we had to do a video and I was asked to scream in Russian as if I was a crazy housewife mad at someone? Lol, here is the video ;)


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  1. I couldn't watch your video.It gives an error message :O would be great to see it.