Monday, November 29, 2010

casting time

If you'll excuse me for not updating the blog regularly! I just came back from Paris, where the internet stoped working in our apartment, so i could not keep up with the blog.

I will make sure to fill you in with what had happened. But for now... just a photo from one of the castings...
it was a casting for LOREAL. A lot of girls, a lot of hours of waiting. In fact, i came to this casting a day before, because the client gave a wrong time, so there was noone there. Then, i guess the client was very busy, gave a wrong time of the casting on the day it was supposed to be held. So, Nastya, my friend and apartment mate, a gorgeous Russian model, arrived to the location and found ourselves being there 2 hours earlier than we were supposed to be there. Since, it was out of the city, we decided to stay in the building and just had a lot of coffee and chilled there with other models who started arriving early as well. When the client came in, they moved us to a cuter room, filled with cool lights and colourful bean bags. We spent there another 30 mins. Then, the casting began :) In fact, i had an option for this job after the catsing. Unfortnately it did not get confirmed. Hopefully, next time? ;)

Photo form the casting:


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