Saturday, November 13, 2010

shooting with Lagerfeld's muse

                The other day I was given a casting for an editorial for some French magazine with the #1 male model  and Lagerfeld’s muse, Baptiste Giabiconi. I was sure that when I’d come to the casting there would be hundreds of girls there. To my surprise, I came to the magazine’s office and found myself there alone. The client looked at me, at my portfolio and asked me if I was available to shoot Friday. After my obvious positive answer, she said ‘See you then’. I did not know how it happened, why I was there alone, and how the hell I got it, but yes, Friday I was shooting with Baptiste, the top male model in the world at the moment. I arrived at the shoot a little early and saw everyone already there. The other girl we were shooting with was from Estonia, and the photographer was German, who I happened o shoot with for a jewelry catalogue the day before. We started hair and make up that took 3 hours but was so perfect and did not need any touch ups during the day. While Kirsten and me were getting our hair and make up done, Baptiste staretd shooting single pages. After we were done we got dressed up and got on set. It was an easy shoot, although with lots of movement and attitude. The concept was created by Karl Lagerfeld himself, as he closely watches Baptiste’s career, and was inspired by the video “Addicted to Love”. So, we were his bodyguards, pretty, rock and roll girls always cold and attitudy. During the day there was a lot happening at the same time, many people coming in and leaving, doing interviews with Baptiste, TV, etc. At the end of the day, they also did an interview with me and asked if it was any different shooting with Baptiste. I said that it was not very different, because he was not looking for any special attention from anyone because he was a ‘Top model’. He was very down to earth, fun, sweet and professional. Later, his producer asked me and Kirsten if we wanted to come out that night to celebrate Baptiste’s birthday. Of coarse we  wanted, however Kirsten could not come, so I came with my flat mate, Nastya. It was a very private dinner in honor of Baptiste’s 21st birthday (I had no idea he was so young)! He already celebrated his birthday earlier in the week, but this was a special evening organized for him by his producer with lots of people from entertainment industry. There was a producer of Lady Gaga there, producer from universal studios music, TV reporters, and many more important people. It was a fun night. Later we went downstairs to the club to dance the night away. Later Baptiste perfrormed his song from his 1st album for the 1st time ever! It was a great, very energetic performance, which the audience loved to say the least. It was a great honour to have worked with him and his team.

Baptiste on set

picture of one of the chosen pics

Baptiste performing later at night

picture of one of the other chosen pics

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  1. he looks like wilder valdorama, whats going on in mr lagerfelds head (???)