Sunday, November 7, 2010

Paris day 15

Another day another weird test. First I arrived late, again, now, it wasn’t my fault either, the agency told me 10:30, because the photographer told them 10:30, but then the photographer sent them an email when they finished their week and asked me to come at 10:00, however no one got to read that email. We figured things out and started the shoot. The idea was crazy. The first part was the shoot with a guy, as if we were both in a bathroom, and doing our own stuff, but he was applying a mask and then cream on his face, while I was using shaving cream and something else. So, as if we changed our roles as man and woman. I had shaved cream all over my face for one of the shots, and for the next shot, we had to play with this shave cream, while for the next shot we were playing with water. Crazy! In the second part of the test, the other girl arrived. We took pictures together, then the hairstylist started putting different wigs on me, and I would get some crazy make up. Oh! At the end of the shoot when I was taking off my make up, we realized that the eye liner was waterproof and it took me several minutes to get rid of it! Again, like the last weekend my eye lids are scratched and feeling horribleL  Oh, and I almost forgot, the whoel day at the shoot I felt super dizzy. At first, I thought it was hunger, but then I realized that I had a good breakfast and after lunch I also did not start feeling better. It’s a good think that the shoot was only for beauty and because of the wigs you could not see my eyes in all the shots, so you could not see the fatigue. However, it is still weird for me why I felt so bad, that a few times I felt that any second I could pass out.
            It has been raining in Paris for the past 2 days, and even though I have not been feeling well and I feel like this weekend was totally a waste of time, I love this city way too much! I even learnt to love the things that were irritating me at first. For example, that fact that French people do not move when you have to get on or out of the train, you have to go around them. Before I would get upset, where as now I go around them with a smile on my face. Or the fact that French people like to take their time doing anything was also upsetting me for the first few days. Now, I understand them, they just enjoy their lives, they like to have a coffee with a cigarette (by the way, they would not start a day with out a coffee), lunch for them is more important than anything else! And I figured, the best part to be content with all these is to become a part of them. And so I did, well at least a little part of me is integrating into a Parisian life. I also drink a lot of coffee ( thank God for those coffee machines all over the city!), ok, I don’t smoke and won’t ever start. I also take my time, I also enjoy my lunch even if it is a baguette or croissant on the way And I also sometimes do not move when people get on or off the train, and it is not because I am a bad person but I figured if they expect you to move around them, then they do not expect me to move for them either J
         My life in Paris consists of baguettes, crepes, macaroons, tarts, croissants, croquet monsieurs and éclairs. I am loving it! I love the fact that you walk by the boulangeries and there are tons of people standing in the line only to get a baguette for breakfast or dinner, and this line might even stretch to outside!
        In less than two weeks, I am going home to Toronto. Although I miss all my friends, family and my fiancé, I really do not want to leave Paris. The more time I spend here the more I realize that this is my city. I even try to speak French here and there. At today’s shoot, no one spoke English so I had to get used to it. Well, because of it I was unusually funny, because every time I wanted to say something I had and urge to open a dictionary because i happened to not know any words. Obviously, I can say some things, but it is still very hard for me to communicate.  However, I did understand the most of what the crew was saying. Practice makes perfect. But I hope that I will be back again next year. This time with a book ready for Paris, ready to see all the clients and rock this city ;)
while running around the city for castings i also get to do some sightseeing

at a private party with my beautiful apartment-mate, Nastya

behind the scenes of the test that was good

behind the scenes of the test that was weird...yes...shave cream... for the shoot!

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