Friday, March 4, 2011

on set for YYZ Living

I love coming in the agency and getting asked if i am available the next day for a shoot. School? School can wait, yes I AM!
Wednesday {morning} actually afternoon, i was so thankful to start at 1pm! i get to Kaizen studio and find out that i am shooting with Dexter! He is a very cool photographer, I love his work! 
I also find out that we have a separate perosn who would be doing hair (Earl, yes i have worked with him before as well) :

and someone else who would be doing make up (Jessica was amazing!)

Our stylist, Nadia is great too, she manages to pull out so much incredible stuff in just 1 day!

Oh, and Annie, who is an editor of YYZ Living Magazine (a great luxurious magazine about art, culture and fashion, make sure to check it out!!!), i have worked with her on my 1st ever editorial 5 and a half years is a photo, lol:

The shoot was great, a little confusing at times since there was a lot of stuff we had to think about: lots of fabric, lots of wind, lots of moevement. We finished shooting around 11 pm which made it a long day. However, we joked around, we took great photos, everyone was happy at the end and it was well worth it: great crew is always a must and that was the case ;)

Here is a sneak peak of what we did. Stay tuned!

Oh, and i almost forgot, something for inspiration. I fell in love with this 70's dress, so beautiful, ocean turquois baby blue colour, with hand painted flowers on it! ah!!!! enjoy!!



  1. Yeah...great post and I'm glad you had fun too!

  2. thank you! and thanks for the pic,s i stole a few as you can see;)

  3. Hey Ksenia! I'd love to work with you.

    Check out my work and if you feel the same hit up my contact info from my website.