Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Honestly speaking, i don't even know where to start!
Ok, just a couple of hours ago i had an honour to walk in the show that the whole world should have seen because it is THAT GREAT- LUCIAN MATIS!!!

I have had a chance to work with this amazing designer a few times now and every collection always blows me away, really! He manages to stay so unique and offers a great variety of very special pieces. It amazes me how many details he always has in his collection, this time was no exception...And it is important to mention that this season Lucian was showing off site, at the Design Exchange in Toronto during the Fashion Week. And i love it when a designer is showing in a different loctaion since he/she has so much freedom to play with the space:

These letters that spelled Lucian Matis were created by an amazing Neil Schmidt:

Beuatiful make up was done by Smashbox and hair by Schwarzkopf:
Regular black bracelets got bejewelled as well as these nails, shoes and stockings! All done by Lucian Matis and his team! I am just speecheless at the amoutn of details:

Knitted, bedazzled, bejewelled collection that is out of this world! ALL handmade! And soooo COUTURE!And a Gorgeous line up of the models!

On the RUNWAY:

After the show- media time:

Program: I adore Lucian even more for giving a credit to the models: a program with a line up: name/agency:

p.s. i am PROUD to say that LUCIAN MATIS is also making my wedding dress ;)