Tuesday, March 1, 2011

castings crazy?

just had a crazy day today consisting of 2 castings that featured ALL available models of TO!

1st) was for Master Card...they want one girl and they wnat to make a paper doll out of the photo taken to feature in Globe and Mail. Now, guess what? Everyone was told not to be late for a castinga s it was running only for 30 mins... aaaaaand when i came in the studio there were at least 30-40 girls sitting and waiitng there. Honestly speaking, it was going pretty fast... but it still took an hour to get to me.... now, apparently we were supposed to bring swimsuits but since i didn't have mine i had to pose in my nude bra and pink underwear.fun, eh? oh, and the craziest thing is that the client only needed 1 girl, and come on at least tehy could have come up with teh type of girl they wanted because we saw girls of all different skin and hair colours today... and whiel iw as wiating another at least 60 girls arrived...

2nd) was for Holt's Show during FW in TO later in the month. Was told to not be early for the casting, but since i had to be at the ballet at 8, i came to teh casting at 6:50 pm and found myself being #30!!! Now, again girls were arriving and arriving and the casting lasted until 10 pm, i dont even want to imagine how many girls came out for it tonight... and what are my chances of getting the show with so many gorgeous models and being ONLY 5'8 and a half....

one thing that was great about it though that i caught up with lots of girls today that i haven't seen for a while ;)

And last but not least, after Holts casting i made it to the ballet, which was the performance by Kirov Marijnskij theatre "SWAN LAKE" with music by Tchajkovskij...and it was breathtaking! truly!!! now in terms of fashion.. i want a BALLET TUTU :))) how will i wear it? you'll see later!

and that's how i feel now.... exchausted after today:)
photo by Shaena and Paul


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