Monday, January 24, 2011

Paris Haute Couture 2011

Paris Haute Couture is back, Madames et Monsieurs!
One of the reasons why i love winter1 It really warms my heart when i watch these beautiful fantasy shows.

Here is Dior, and a fe wof my favourite looks from the collection. Voluminous shapes, beautiful colourful fabrics, retro feel and make up, and feathery hats. It is truly beautiful! By the way, let's see will red eyebrows make it on the fall/winter runways? It sure looks awesome in couture, but is it adjustable for ready to wear and every day lives? Take a look:

Armani Prive went futuristic all the way with disc like hats, metallic fabrics, new shapes and purple lipstick! A beautiful allien invasion i must say! Judge for yourself:

P.S. Can not wait to see Chanel Haute Couture. For now check out Chanel Hauet Couture collection in the making


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