Thursday, January 20, 2011

Would you... mind the gap?..

between teeth?

Fashion TV made a whole episode about models with gap in between their front teeth...
In the last season of America's Next Top Model, one of the participants ( model wanna-be) was brought to a dentist to make a gap in her front teeth...
Quite a few models that you see in high end campaigns and runways also got this gap.

A new trend? Possibly...What do you think about it?
Cause we like it, imperfect teeth add personality ;)
Don't hide behind those veneers, don't be ashamed of smiling with your teeth! Gap is cute!

Bridget Bardeaux

Lara Stone

Lindsey Wixson


  1. I completely agree. I watched that ANTM season and actually thought about having one too! Anyway, Lindsey Wixson looks like a doll in the last photo. Some girls just wanna have that look!

    Emory Lanzi

  2. Speaking of ANTM, Lindsey Wixson looks like Allison Harvard here... My girlfriend is a long-time fan of Allison. I wonder how my girl would react if she sees that photo... It could be like, "OMG, that's like Allison with gapped teeth!" Haha, I think Alison's fans would kind of like ignore her gapped teeth because she's more known for her "creepy eyes."
    --Pierre Cardan

  3. Be fair, anyone don't like to see gap between their tooth, Most of people who are suffering with gap between tooth are use to avoid smiling on public gathering just to hide gap of tooth. Dental implants is the best treatment option to fill those empty gaps for a longer time. Dental implants can last upto 20 year with normal brushing and flossing.