Thursday, September 23, 2010

London Fashion Week review

        While i am sitting in Toronto, a lot of interesting things are happening on the fashion scene worldwide. Its shows time! And after NYC the next city to get the relay was London.
        Again, i watched the videos, i looked through the photos (thank you,, here are my standouts and thoughts on them :
Julien MacDonald's got beautiful models with big voluminous hair and smokey eyes, classic. The whole look fo the collection is very sexy. Well, sex sells, but wasn't expecting to see it from English designers. Julien Scored points for being unpredictable in this sense. Again lots of whites and light colours in the collection. Some beautiful flowy dresses, chic yet relaxed pieces.

Erdem is another great designer who warmed up my heart this season. I would love to own few of those pieces. Such beautiful dresses, such beautiful patterns and lots of lace and flowers! Red on white is really fresh and bright. Just right for spring-summer! And models are glowing, so fresh looking.


      Now, i mentioned 'fresh', 'glowing', 'relaxed' here and there refering to the hair and dmake up created for the collections during NYC FW and Londodn FW. And this is definitely the look you would like to adopt for spring/summer 2011.
Orange lips, hair back, not sleek, very relaxed, looking or hair down, again not done up curly or straight, but a look that screams 'just rolled out of the bed'.


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