Thursday, April 28, 2011

Color them crazy

Yesterday i spent at least 20 minutes near the 'nail polish' section in Shoppers Drug Mart trying to figure out what colour i can get that would be new and cool. After 20 minutes of looking and opening up the bottles, my nails started looking like a rainbow and i realized that it would be better to come home, see which colours im missinging in my collection and come back with a clear mind. What a smart decision by me!
Today i opened up a box where i keep a bunch of colourful bottles, and realized that really, i don't need any new 'migrants' in my collection :) I don't like metallics, i don't like boring colors, except a few beiges that i have as it's a must, the collection is full of life and fun tones.

I put away the colours that seem to be moody and winterish since its spring time and hopefully summer is not far away and decided that these are the nail polish that will be my close friends in the next few months.

P.S. honestly speaking, orange and yellow are my close friends throughout the whole year, not just the summer, especially on my toes... what can i say, my mind works this way "if i see sunny tones, my mood bar goes to a 100%".

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