Saturday, April 23, 2011

+20 in TO

i pretty much tweeted eveyrthing i'll say here today, but gotta summarize it, right?

in Toronto it's +20 for a change (don't get too excited, cause the weather channel is saying it will be raining and +12-+15 the whole week...*sigh*
but on a positive note, Yorkville today was all dressed up and stylish, that is pretty much the only TO area where you can find ppl caring about what they are wearing... but i wasn't there, all my friends were busy, my fiance decided to go for a beer with boys and i was left alone... but i aint a fool to be sitting at home on such gorgeous day, so i dressed up, and went for a walk by myself, ended up on a Starbucks patio, got a caramel machiato, a magazine and! forgot my earphones thats why i just put the music on my phone and was sitting there enjoying myself.
note #1. only in North America: once ithits +20, ppl wear flip-flops and t-shirts... where is the slow transition from winter to summer?
note #2. if you feel like dressing up and being stylish, do it, who cares that you are the only one out there who looks like that?
note #3. ppl in TO are boring, i swear: flip flops, sports pants, oversized t-shirts...rrr

being inspired by the weather i went bohemian chic: long black chiffon skirt, jean jacket, yellow shoes and purse and minimum make up just with red lips... no pics yet, lost my camera (extremely upset!) so here are little sneak pics:

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