Thursday, December 9, 2010

Model Lounge

I am loving it!
There is this secret spot, this beautiful place, this warm and welcoming atmosphere... no i have not been there myself, but hopefully, soon.... it is Model Lounge!

It is a place available to the models of top 10 agencies in NY, in the centre of Manhattan, where models can go in between the shoots, castings or any other time to chill, chekc emails, get a snack or even just take a little break and mingle.
As a member of Model Lounge girls (only girls! no males!) have a complimentary access to this place, with complimentary food and internet, plus extra bonuses from Vans, Make Up Forever and more.

I am sure that every model loves this place and is very thankful to the creators! It is safe and beautiful, an absolute necessary place to have for travelling models, who are away from home and need some cozyness!

p.s. Also in Miami



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