Monday, December 13, 2010

it ain't so easy!

One thing i really hate is when people say that modeling is so easy and glamorous and arghhh....
well, lets talk about 'easy' this time...

i think Tyra showed all of us that it is pretty damn hard and girls and guys end up doing some jumping, running, and end up in crazy sets!Although, ANTM is 'a bit' exxagerated, it is partially true!
quite honestly, at almost eveyr shoot (unless its beauty) i have to jump or do something weird.

it is all about movement, modeling is like dancing! you constantly have to change your pose, your expression, and not forget about selling the product you are there to sell, about make up, hair, and very often a lot of weather effects, whenever you shoot on location.

So, here are a few videos from behind the scenes:

Bebe shoot in Safari with real animals!

Amazing Coco Rocha for Browns shoes

Another Coco's video, this time for Flare. She really knows how to work the camera!

Video of me shooting with Baptiste Giabicone (sorry not a great quality). Some crazy moves there. (Thank you for the video, Samuel!)

p.s. while working the camera, jumping, running or holding some weird pose you sure discover some new musceles in you body!:)
So, how easy is modeling????


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